David Adeniji


You must have heard the story of a Professor who filled a big jar with golf balls, followed by pebbles, followed by sand and then followed by 2 cups of coffee. The golf balls filled the jar, then the pebbles filled up extra spaces left behind, then the sand also filled further, spaces left open and then finally, the coffee, which is liquid filled to leave no more space.

If the liquid had come first, there’d be no room for any other item. If the sand had come first, there’d be no room for pebbles, let alone golf balls. This year we must separate our intentions, action plans and projects into very important and important and organize them accordingly on our priority list. It’s not always good to allow circumstances decide for you what next to do.

Your God, your family, children, grandchildren, your health, your friends and your favorite passions must be given primary attention. Don’t substitute time and resources meant for them for work. If you do, you’d have only cheated yourself because when strength for work begins to wane, these are the ones that will make you happy. Make them happy now. So even in the thick of all your work, plan dinner-out sessions, go for medical checkups, play some sports. Priortize!

Every other thing come second. Make prioritizing a daily habit. Plan daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly. Write things down. Remember if you spend time and energy on things that can be done later, you will not have room for things that are important. So create a scale of preference, allocate resources wisely and prioritize in everything you do.


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