David Adeniji

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Business is always a process of identifying what works and creating new solutions from that knowledge. But depending on your background, experiences, education and exposure, your pattern of thoughts and ideas may largely tend towards one particular trend or direction except you are intentional about broadening your horizon, learning across diverse disciplines and meeting various people.

Many of us business people, especially when we have tasted a little flint of financial freedom, hardly stretch to see how the garden is being mowed on another yard. The success and survival of your venture is not a function of the knowledge you already have. What you know has pushed you this far. Your survival will be determined by the new realms you’re yet to break into.

But those new relams of ideas are simply deposited on the heads of other people. Never underestimate the importance of brainstorming. When you gather with people of like minds. Like minds but different successes and failures. Like minds with varying backgrounds and exposure. Like minds having divergent thought patterns, and an interesting mix of opinions.

Once in a while, mingle with people of vision and discus issues with them. You will be amazed at the retinue of ideas you will come up with. You have simply shared a portion of their brains. Never let the ugly spirit of competition shut you out of associations that will broaden your exposure. Seize every opportunity to meet new people who also have a purpose pursuing. Many of us are so wary of sharing our ideas – for fear of getting them stolen – that we sadly live and grow old with those ideas remaining unrealized. Look for the right people and ‘brainstorm’. Get their perspectives.

At the outdoor event on the 21st Feb, there will be brainstorming sessions. We will collectively invent implementation models to many solutions raised on the platform. Register today.


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