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The quality of life you will live is the quality of people who surround you. You cannot hang out with negative people and expect to live a positive life. Even in business, if you spend too much time with people who can’t pay, you will end up being someone who can’t pay – check your customers, no sentiments, you may need to let some of them go.

As a leader or employer, your next level depends on who your subordinates are. I advice you not to leave anyone behind in your strides for growth. Don’t think you can live in security and leave them at the base. It’s a matter of time, you will soon join them. They will pull you down – maybe not intentionally – but out of ignorance. Sometimes intentionally, but also ignorantly. I don’t spare the leader. It’s simple – purposefully impart what you have on your followers, and they’ll gradually become who you are. If you can’t do that or they won’t change no matter how hard you try, then let them go. Or better still, leave them. You can mentor them, but shouldn’t mentees also contribute to their mentor’s wisdom?.

Choose who you make your leader, be careful who you make your employer. Select carefully who becomes your mentor. Choose carefully who to marry (if you haven’t) Chances are, you’ll soon become who they are. Unconsciously, you will. What of family? You can’t choose them you say – father, mother, children, siblings – God gave them to you – That’s true, but if you don’t work purposefully to make them move at your pace, they will slow you down. Remember you’ve got a destiny to fulfill, a purpose to execute. The world is waiting for you. To allow yourself to be hindered is to be selfish. God will help you!

If you’re not intentional about who you keep in your circle, especially your inner circle – no matter your age, class or position – you may never realize your full potential. Don’t hang around anyone who never challenges you or those who will constantly be a burden. You may have friends with very good character and attitudes, but who choose just to be a burden on you. They don’t spark anything new in your world. They want to always receive (not just money here), they’ve got nothing to contribute. Not even a good idea once in a while. For these, be careful. Apply no sentiments. If you keep them for too long. You will be like them.

David Adeniji



The Power Of Association

A matchstick when ignited can only keep burning if its held in the open. Bread is good when eaten alone, but combined with butter, mayonnaise or jam it gets a completely new taste. A beautiful paper notebook may look nice, but with a pen to write on it, life changing ideas can easily start a journey to expression. Let’s check out these three men:

In 1927, it is said that Henry Ford received advance orders with cash payments for more than 375,000 units of his latest car while it was still in the process of perfection. $600 each, amounting to about $225 Million. Ford was the most powerful man that ever lived up till his time.

Thomas Edison transformed the world by giving it a miracle no man will ever give it – Electric Light – through the incandescent light bulb. He gave the world the modern moving picture – what we now know as video. Mr Firestone’s industrial achievements were so well known wherever automobiles are used that no special comment on them seems neccesary.

These three men began their careers without capital and with little schooling. They became by far the most wealthy and powerful in their time. But history has it that these three men were personal friends for many years even before rising high, they had the habit of going to the woods once in a year for a period of rest, meditation and recuperation.

And if you think that example is far away and too long ago, I will give you another one. Here in our own land. It’s the story of 3 achievers and influencers in today’s Nigerian leadership sphere. More than 25 years ago, they were youthful bosom friends, with little or nothing attached to their names, but always found together. Today, they’re still friends and they’re powerful too. Nigeria’s Vice President, Professor Yemi Osinbajo, Chairman FIRS – Mr Tunde Fowler and Nigeria’s Ambassador to Canada and Wema Bank Former Chairman – Mr Ade Asekun.

The power of association is unleashed when friends, partners, associates, employees and even customers are chosen intentionally rather than accidentally. What you are now, is a function of who you moved with, who your teacher was, what books you read. What you’d be is a function of who you’re moving with now. If you’re in business, the kind of employees and customers you have will determine the next phase of your life. So the question is ARE YOU MINDFUL OF THE POWER OF ASSOCIATION.?

David Adeniji


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